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I invite you to click on the links below to view a video biography of my 45-year career. The video is divided into 5 segments, each of which focuses on major themes of my professional life, beginnings in the 1960’s to the present. The memories are wonderful, and they’re even more precious when shared. Enjoy!

Sheldon Kagan Bio - Part 1 of 5
Sheldon Kagan began his business 45 years ago and at age 15 left school, moved from his parents home. The rest is history!

Sheldon Kagan Bio - Part 2 of 5
While in his teens, he brought Montreal such jazz megastars as Dizzy Gillespie, Gene Krupa, Duke Ellington, The Glen Miller Orchestra , Buddy Rich, George Benson and a host of others.

Sheldon Kagan Bio - Part 3 of 5
As his disc jockey service flourished in the 1970's, he introduced Big Bands to Montreal, as well as the likes of Ravi Shankar, Donovan, Billy Preston, Delaney & Bonnie and Loggins & Messina.

Sheldon Kagan Bio - Part 4 of 5
1980 saw the birth of Le Salon de la Mariée, Canada's longest running wedding show.

Sheldon Kagan Bio - Part 5 of 5
Sheldon Kagan today !


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